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Is anyone else super excited for the new Mockingjay casting (Natalie Dormer as Cressida) or is it just me?

I just had a thought about the Mortal Instruments books…

It kinda hit me that Isabelle and Jace possibly even Alec, have all most likely slept with Downworlders especially Isabelle. But yet they still act superior to them, it’s a bit condescending don’t you think?

Especially since two of them are in love with a Downworlder.

Bit of a disheartening thought about City of Bones


I have such a bad feeling this is going to flop. I mean so far reviews by non-fans has not been that great. Actually the nicest I saw was a 3 star rating. That is really bad.

It’s not in every theater, heck a lot of people can not see it opening week because it isn’t playing.

At this point book fans have been carrying the series, and still to many of them don’t like the casting for all but one of the main characters. 

It’s not too late for them to pull City of Ashes/Glass/Fallen Angel’s production. Infact if CIty of Bones doesn’t at least turn a decent profit, we’ll probably never see another TMI movie again. 

Please someone give me hope that this isn’t going to flop and ruin the franchise. 

A PSA about female characters

There is a difference

between having a love interest

and being reduced to a love interest for a male lead.

That is all.

It just hit me…

That my OTP won’t have kids.

They can’t get married, at least not legally unless she wants to lose everyone and put all her friends at risk to lose everything also if they even talk to her.

She will die and he will live forever…If she turns, she loses the life she’s always known just for love and that goes against who she is and was in the beginning of the series.

He’s bound to die before her though. There is so much foreshadowing and warnings for his death. Then she’ll go stone cold because she was scared to love in the first place.

I can’t. I just can’t. Why why why do i even bother reading or watching movies/tv…

Non book reader’s reaction to Vampire Academy Trailer

I’ll admit I haven’t read the books but I saw the teaser trailer was released and well I read Beautiful Creatures and THG as soon I saw the teaser trailers and that was simply because the movie(s) looked awesome. So I’ll give this a go.

The opening makes me think it’s one MTV’s promos for it’s show. It’s okay, nothing really grabs in the first few seconds. Besides the color scheme, that’s nice.


Ew. The vampires look fake and not sexy. 


Is that song that plays during “blood is family” Beast by Nico Vega? That song is epic! This is looking a bit better already.


The action scenes don’t look that bad. But I don’t get why they are fighting some army looking people.


The rose thing looks like The History Channel’s Vikings promos meets True Blood Meets Vampires Diaries opening. Idk am i crazy for thinking that?


Over all : I have no clue what is going on besides it’s a school for vampires who apparently get found out by government. There’s a brown haired girl who I think is supposed to be the main character. The bloodsharing scene is a bit weird and awkward but at least I don’t a Twilight vibe from it, it seems original enough. The fights look nice but over all the movie seems b-rated or tv-ish. 

I don’t think I’ll be reading the series based off of just the trailer.

(Don’t kill me, this is just my personal opinion and I’m putting it out there from the standpoint of someone who doesn’t know the series. Because I saw a post or two complaining how non-fans are going to be spoiled by the trailer and how they were curious if people find it interesting based just off of just the trailer. I in no way are saying this is a bad series, just maybe not a movie I want to see. My opinions may change when it gets closer to it coming out.)

I’ve so been waiting for posts like this…


I’m sorry but WTF. Jace and clary are brother and sister? Who are kind of in love? But have definitely kissed? Uh…

Someone…anyone…tell me this makes sense further down the line.

You should always be careful believing information that came from the villainous character. But yes, it’ll all make sense down the line ;)


can someone just clarify if im supposed to ship clary and jace, like are they  thing? bc ive only read the first of tmi and im slightly confused

haha keep reading. the first book is meant to confuse you on ships, just wait it out. 

TMI ship question.

Does anyone else just really want Izzy to turn, like into a vampire?

There could be amazing storyline that followed that. Like would her parents accept her? Probably not her dad if he became the Inquisitor. That could bond Sizzy even more. Sizzy could be immortal together, instead of Simon having to watch the ones he love died alone Izzy could experience it along side him. They could help each other and bond over it. 

Sizzy is my OTP so maybe i’m just hoping for the best instead of an Infernal Device thing that left Tessa heartbroken and Cassandra Clare already done that to one ship which I don’t like to see Prequels/Sequels repeat anyways. Am I alone on this thought?